Week in Review, Part 1

I’ve decided to create a weekly post highlighting the previous week’s activities.  I hope it will remind me to take more pictures of my family and will serve as a journal for me.

My mom and I took all four kids strawberry picking.  I forgot the camera in the car, but here is our bounty.


We discovered that one of our pullets (female chicken less than a year old) is in fact a cockerel (male chicken less than a year old)!  How did we figure this out?  He started crowing this week!


Our friends invited us to spend an afternoon in their pool.  It took the younger two about an hour to warm up to the idea of going in the water.  Once they did, they didn’t want to leave!  Everyone had a great time!





I finally got caught up on the laundry thanks to my wonderful husband.  He took the boys out for the morning and I sorted, folded and put away about six loads!  It’s so nice to see my bedroom floor again!



Last but not least, I received my order of essential oils this week and we started using them.  More posts to follow on how they are working for us.


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