My New Mantra

With four children, I find myself saying “No” all day long.

“No, you can’t have chocolate chips for snack at 8 am.”

“No, I can’t play with you right now, I’m washing the dishes.”

“No, you can’t stay up until 10 pm.”

“No, we can’t paint because it’s almost time for dinner.”

“No.  No.  No.”

While I was working at our store on Wednesday, my oldest was finishing up his last day as a 3rd grader.  I was listening to one of the country stations on our XM radio.  I finished up with a customer just in time to hear the DJ say, “There’s more fun on the other side of yes.”  I don’t remember which station I was listening to or who the DJ was.  I don’t know what he was talking about so, I don’t know why he said this.  I don’t know if he was quoting someone else or if these are his own words of wisdom.  But these words stuck with me.

Other side of yes



As these words have been bouncing around in my head the last few days, I decided that this will be my summer time mantra.

“Yes, we can have a water balloon fight.”

“Yes, we can got out for ice cream.”

“Yes, we can catch fireflies tonight.”

I think my children will approve.  Don’t you?


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