Letting Go

At the start of every year I set goals to earn extra cash, get rid of the clutter, be more organized, etc.  Life gets in the way and I never do any of these things.

2014 is different.  I really need to make some changes and I’m finally starting to.

This month I am doing Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle, which is his Facebook group where you set a goal and hustle for 30 days to achieve it.  The group is great source of encouragement and Jon sends you a small task every day to do to help you achieve your goal.

My goal is to earn an extra $100 by selling items we no longer use and by selling handmade items in my Etsy shop (I’m still working on this part of the goal).


Earlier this week I sold most of these cloth diapers for $30.  The person that bought them got a great deal.  I got some much needed attic space back and I learned a great lesson.

I just need to LET GO of this stuff I’ve been hanging on to.

I bought these diapers five years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I loved the idea of using cloth diapers, but the reality of having a newborn and a four year old quickly set in.  I couldn’t handle the extra laundry, so I resorted to disposables.

We’ve since had two more children and the cloth diapers sat in the attic still unused.  I hated the idea of not getting my money’s worth, so I hung on to them thinking that maybe I would.  Even if we have more children (which is highly unlikely at our ages) I know that they would still go unused.  I finally let myself forget what I paid for them and decided to sell them.

I’m so happy I did.  I feel better knowing that someone else is getting their money’s worth and I have less clutter in the house.  I’m also 30% closer to my Hustle goal!

See, I told you 2014 was different!


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