Tomorrow Can’t Be Here Soon Enough

I can’t wait for tomorrow!  My order of essential oils should be delivered by the time I get home from work.

I’m hoping that these oils will help my family with a number of issues, but the most important issue we are dealing with is my 16 month old not sleeping through the night.

He wakes up from one to four times a night.  Usually he goes right back to sleep (with my help), however, at least once a week he decides that he wants to hang out with me for an hour or so.

I’ve tried everything.  Letting him cry it out, co-sleeping, bed-time snack, bed-time routine, etc.

I’m exhausted!!!

How can essential oils help?  Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities and if often used to help with sleep issues.

I’ll let you know if it works!


“Focused Intensity”

I recently read Crystal Paine’s book, “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode”.  I’m neck deep in survival mode and I need all the help I can get to dig my way out!  And this book was just the thing to start me on my way!

In chapter 4, Crystal talks about the concept of “focused intensity”.  She says, “Focused intensity is zeroing in on one specific project and giving it your entire concentration and energy for a determined length of time.”  When I read that, I thought, “That’s what I need to do!”  She goes on to say, “…[I’ll] set the timer for ten or fifteen minutes, and work as hard as I can until the timer goes off.”

Now, I don’t know about your children, but to mine, fifteen minutes of me focusing on something that doesn’t involve them would feel like an eternity and it simply just wouldn’t happen without a million interruptions (unless, of course, they were all in bed, but by that time I’m to exhausted to do anything for fifteen minutes).

Feeling discouraged, I started to think about other things I’ve learned from Crystal and her website,, over the past few years.  One of them is her idea of breaking a project or goal down into bite-sized pieces.

I applied that idea to the concept of focused intensity and thought if I can’t be focused for fifteen minutes, what about five?  YES!  My children and I can handle five minutes.

You might be thinking, “Does five minutes of focused intensity really make a difference?  Can I accomplish anything worth-while in five minutes?”  I had those thoughts too and guess what?  It DOES make a difference!  And when you do this a few times a day and can make a really big difference!

Don’t believe me?  Well, here is proof.

This is what my kitchen sink typically looks like.


This is what it looks like after five minutes of focused intensity.


Not bad for only five minutes of work!

I was able to sneak in another five minutes a little while later.


I wasn’t able to get all of it cleaned up, but I was happy with the progress I made!

Still not convinced?  Here’s another example…the stove and counter tops.


After five minutes of focused intensity, they look like this.


Again, not perfect, but good enough for me!

What can you accomplish in five minutes with focused intensity?

My New Mantra

With four children, I find myself saying “No” all day long.

“No, you can’t have chocolate chips for snack at 8 am.”

“No, I can’t play with you right now, I’m washing the dishes.”

“No, you can’t stay up until 10 pm.”

“No, we can’t paint because it’s almost time for dinner.”

“No.  No.  No.”

While I was working at our store on Wednesday, my oldest was finishing up his last day as a 3rd grader.  I was listening to one of the country stations on our XM radio.  I finished up with a customer just in time to hear the DJ say, “There’s more fun on the other side of yes.”  I don’t remember which station I was listening to or who the DJ was.  I don’t know what he was talking about so, I don’t know why he said this.  I don’t know if he was quoting someone else or if these are his own words of wisdom.  But these words stuck with me.

Other side of yes



As these words have been bouncing around in my head the last few days, I decided that this will be my summer time mantra.

“Yes, we can have a water balloon fight.”

“Yes, we can got out for ice cream.”

“Yes, we can catch fireflies tonight.”

I think my children will approve.  Don’t you?

Letting Go

At the start of every year I set goals to earn extra cash, get rid of the clutter, be more organized, etc.  Life gets in the way and I never do any of these things.

2014 is different.  I really need to make some changes and I’m finally starting to.

This month I am doing Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle, which is his Facebook group where you set a goal and hustle for 30 days to achieve it.  The group is great source of encouragement and Jon sends you a small task every day to do to help you achieve your goal.

My goal is to earn an extra $100 by selling items we no longer use and by selling handmade items in my Etsy shop (I’m still working on this part of the goal).


Earlier this week I sold most of these cloth diapers for $30.  The person that bought them got a great deal.  I got some much needed attic space back and I learned a great lesson.

I just need to LET GO of this stuff I’ve been hanging on to.

I bought these diapers five years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I loved the idea of using cloth diapers, but the reality of having a newborn and a four year old quickly set in.  I couldn’t handle the extra laundry, so I resorted to disposables.

We’ve since had two more children and the cloth diapers sat in the attic still unused.  I hated the idea of not getting my money’s worth, so I hung on to them thinking that maybe I would.  Even if we have more children (which is highly unlikely at our ages) I know that they would still go unused.  I finally let myself forget what I paid for them and decided to sell them.

I’m so happy I did.  I feel better knowing that someone else is getting their money’s worth and I have less clutter in the house.  I’m also 30% closer to my Hustle goal!

See, I told you 2014 was different!