We Got Baby Chicks!!!

On Saturday we picked up the four baby chicks that we had reserved.

My kids were so excited and so was I!

Aren’t they cute?


This is the two week old Easter Egger.  She will lay tinted eggs.


These are the four day old Wyandottes.  We think two of them will be Silver Laced and one will be Golden Laced.  They will lay brown eggs.


We wanted eight chicks which is the maximum that my town allows, but the breeder that I bought these from only had these four left.

Also, a coop for eight chickens is much harder to come by if you are on a shoestring budget like I am.  I decided to buy a coop similar to this one which is large enough for four chickens.  It will need some minor modifications to be fully predator proof, but I saved about $100 by planning to do these by myself.

My plan is for the girls to live in this coop for the summer while I build a larger coop to house eight chickens.  I haven’t been able to find plans on line with the dimensions, design and building materials that I want, so I’m designing it myself.  Stay tuned for that project!


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